“Dark Sky” ordinances seek to minimize light pollution of the night sky and excess/nuisance output onto neighboring properties (that’s a good thing!).  These regulations are growing in popularity across the country. Fear not!

While we’ve got this specific line below of beautiful and broadly compliant DS sconces below, most of our sconces and even lanterns can be adapted for dark sky (typically for our one-time pattern charge).  We can still use decorative lenses, even.  We can take 3 basic approaches to compliance:

  • Shield behind lens – keep the glass or acrylic and put solid metal behind
  • Shield instead of lens – contrasting (or not) metal panels in place of the lens for a great 2-tone (or monochrome) look
  • Recess the lamping into top of the fixture body or the roof; we can use super low-profile LED engines that can nest within about 1″(!)

Note that not all Dark Sky rules are created equally, so we recommend getting the appropriate approval(s) before ordering.

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