Our beautiful lens options offer the perfect complement to our handmade lighting fixtures.

Each lens type has characteristics and/or limitations that can influence their application and we’ve highlighted those below.  Don’t hesitate to check with us before making your final selections.

Additional options for lens selection include frosting (glass, acrylic) or backing with a white acrylic diffuser (mica).  Typically, we’ll make these choices based upon your other criteria, but don’t hesitate to ask about these treatments.

Don’t see the perfect lens? We’ve got access to many, many more options – just ask!

Samples of our lenses are available upon request and from our showroom.

Please note that lenses can vary slightly from the images and samples and an exact match cannot be guaranteed.

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Vibrant, eye-catching, and timeless – Our glass lenses make our lights shine! Glass can be etched & stained with text/numbers (see our address lights), logos, and patterns. Glass is only for ‘flat’ applications and cannot be curved or formed (see acrylics).

Our clear textured and seedy glasses are not recommended for fixtures with ballasted or spiral compact fluorescent lamping as those elements will visible through the glass. These clear glasses can be frosted on the inside face at additional cost so that they are not transparent.


Real, shimmery, and delicate – Mica elevates the look of any of our fixtures with its multilayered richness. Our mica lenses are very translucent and can benefit from a diffuser. Mica can be formed into curves.

Mica not recommended for exterior applications unless ‘fronted’ with clear glass.


Colorful, versatile, and durable – Acrylics made great lenses! We can form, curve (using our commercial pizza oven!), frost, waterjet, and etch & stain (logos, patterns, etc) acrylics. They’re extremely durable and with stable colors (that don’t yellow).

Acrylic lenses are typically more expensive than glass and mica.


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