Two Hills Studio offers a variety of beautiful metal finishes for our fine lighting and decorative metalwork. Most of our designs can be ordered in any of our finishes; however, each finish has characteristics and/or limitations that can influence its application and we’ve highlighted them below.  Don’t hesitate to check with us before making your final selections.

Samples of our finishes are available upon request and from our showroom.

Please note that finishes can vary slightly from the images and samples and an exact match cannot be guaranteed.

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Classic, luxurious, and extremely durable – Our darkened finishes are not applied, they’re the beautiful result of controlled reactions on the metal.  Darkening is the best choice for exterior/wet rated locations and will endure for decades. Darkened finishes will darken more over time, but they won’t tarnish (save for corrosive environments).

Darkened finishes can be further enhanced with distressing and peening to create gorgeously textured looks.

Darkened/antiqued finishes are for copper, brass, and zinc only.


We’re in the process of introducing a new suite of vinyl resin coatings to replace our hammered coatings, which have been discontinued by the manufacturer – ask for more information and/or check back in the future!  We ‘get’ that darkened copper or brass may not be the desired look every time… Durable, lightly textured, and generally matte – our thick and enduring vinyl resin coatings are well-suited for exterior locations, especially wet rated.


Rich, interesting, and beautiful – Our painted finishes bring classic darkened finish looks to other metals or capture and preserve that ‘raw’ metal look.  While these are our standard painted finishes, we can match virtually any color!

Painted finishes can be further enhanced with distressing and peening to create gorgeously textured and deep looks.

Painted finishes are recommended for galvanized steel, steel, and aluminum.


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