Get what you want!  Custom doesn’t have to mean expensive!!!

And, we do both kinds of Custom!  We love to create one-of-kind Custom designs just as much as we love to Customize our own designs by changing the size, proportion, detailing, etc. Heck, we even may ‘frankenfixtures’ by using that body, with that roof, with those muntins, etc.

And, it’s affordable!

Since our experienced team handcrafts each fixture – for each order – one-at-a-time in our South Austin workshop, we’ve got full control. Custom/Customized is easy!  Plus Custom/Customized doesn’t typically effect lead times either.

Check out our Gallery for lots of examples of our Custom work!


We can work with anything from a back-of-the-napkin sketch to a detailed designer’s or architect’s rendering to blank wall or ceiling.  We also work with ‘inspiration pictures’ of something you’ve seen somewhere.  We don’t do copies, but we will do our ‘take’ on it.

Bring us your idea and/or need and we’ll noodle on it at no charge, providing a concept design and ballpark pricing or a formal proposal typically in as little as 1-2 weeks.


Most of our standard designs are easily Customized by changing size, proportion, or details/trim for a One-Time Pattern Charge of $95.  That’s $95 for 1 or 10 or 100 fixtures.

If the Customized fixture ends up changing material costs…materially… there may be an increase or decrease in the base fixture cost.

We save – you save!


Start your journey toward custom enlightenment.