Who We Are

Two Hills Studio was founded in 1987 by architect Britt Medford to create decorative light fixtures for architects and designers that are easily customized to a project. Since then the product line has expanded to offer other complimentary metalwork such as vent hoods, cabinet door panels, mirror frames, and other elements of architectural decoration.

Our work blends metals in various finishes with glass, acrylic, mica, and mirror.  While our fixtures look great during the daytime, our trademark light and shadow patterns give a dramatic effect when illuminated. Everything we create is handcrafted in our Austin studio by our talented craftspeople.

Our products are shipped all over and are specified for a wide variety of projects such as custom residences, multi-family developments, office buildings, retail stores, shopping centers, banks, boardrooms, restaurants, religious projects, retirement communities, movie theaters, hotels, and casinos, etc.

Scott Gross, President

Prior to acquiring Two Hills Studio in January 2018, Scott was a civil engineer in Austin for 20 years, working primarily in transportation, transit, water resources, and urban planning for both public and private sector organizations.

As an engineer with the soul of an architect, Scott was selected by Britt to carry on the Two Hills Studio legacy.