Two Hills Studio must SUSPEND PRODUCTION FROM 3/25 THRU 4/12 due to city and county STAY HOME – WORK SAFE orders. Estimated completion and ship dates have all effectively moved back 3 wks. This is still subject to change without notice due to public health measures beyond our control. We’ll do our best to advise you of any changes to your projected dates. 
In the meantime, WE CONTINUE TO DESIGN/PROPOSE/MANAGE/ETC. (from home!). 
Feel free to reach out via email. Thanks for your understanding & cooperation!


Fine Lighting

The ‘jewelry of architecture,’ decorative lighting is the ultimate architectural ornamentation. Like jewelry, lighting has the power to subtly or demonstrably broadcast style. The right lighting adorns its spaces and facades, while setting ambiance and literally lighting the way. Consider fine lighting as a ‘personal architecture’ that directly reflects your unique sense of style.

Decorative Metalwork

Metalwork is functional art – produced by craftspeople for millennia and coveted for its intrinsic properties of durability and presence. Whether it’s folded or punched, soldered or welded, annealed or rolled, our team of seasoned craftspeople transform the utilitarian into beautiful gallery-worthy pieces.


Attention to detail,
glowing results.

Two Hills Studio creates made-to-order and one-of-a-kind lighting fixtures and complimentary metalwork, such as vent hoods, mailboxes, mirror frames, cabinet door panels, and other elements of architectural decoration. We invite you to view our gallery to see some of our work.


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